Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Brief Costa Rican Trip

We hit Costa Rica recently, what an awesome place, great people, beautiful weather, hot sand on the beaches leading into warm pacific water. The coast has a dry climate, but when you head up into the mountains it’s a tropical rainforest that starts to get thick about 2hrs inland, go further and you hit a town called La Fortuna built around the active Arenal volcano, an amazing site. There are hot springs and waterfalls to explore and to cool off in if the sun is winning.

Went down to the surf break witches rock (Endless Summer II) which is only accessible by boat or by 4WD in the dry season (only by boat in the wet season). It was a fun 18km drive or so! The surf at Witches rock was fun and quiet down that side with only a few fellow campers. We camped with Iguanas, racoons (that tried to walk off with our garbage), parrots, and all sorts of wildlife everywhere. BEAUTY… We were there off season for surf, but still got some barrels and sections to launch off of.

Costa Ricans have a humble way of life, everyone is stoked and loving life there, great food, great people, great inspiration. Check it out...

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